Mellowpuff Charitable Trust

“Believe and You Will Achieve’’.

Mellowpuff Charitable Trust

“Believe and You Will Achieve’’.

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Mellowpuff Charitable Trust

The Mellowpuff Charitable Trust was set up in May 2006 in memory of Melissa Long who passed away after a five year battle with Cancer.

During the time Melissa was sick the family received a wide variety of help from family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and schools in the Spotswood community.

What was so amazing was the amount of support from families throughout Taranaki, some of who were total strangers at the time.

Melissa’s dying wish to her father Terry was to repay the support by using the funds in her bank account to assist other Taranaki children who were going through similar adversity.

It was decided amongst loved ones to act on Melissa’s wish so with the help of special people the Mellowpuff Charitable Trust was formed.


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Mellowpuff Charitable Trust

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